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eclectus parrot on avian scale SR Instruments

Winston the Eclectus modes the SRV315 Avian Scale from SR Instruments Inc.

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2 Comments on “Health”

  1. karen Wingrove says:

    I’ve seen a discussion about Vitamin D deficiency and lack of sunshine in tropical brids as a possible cause of plucking. Your thoughts? Is there an easy way to supplement vit D in birds kept indoors at the Tropic of Capricorn? Does full spectrum lighting provide enough UV rays to provide vit D inside? Humans can be tested for Vitamin D levels. Is there an avian test equivalent?

    • Sandy Lender says:

      In the inaugural issue of In Your Flock, I’ve included an article on calcium in the Bright Eyes department. Take a look at that because it includes a reference to a researcher’s findings about supplementing with UV light/full spectrum bulbs. Very good information. I began my “career” in reptile husbandry–it’s vital to get calcium right for turtles and tortoises (imagine shell deformation if calcium’s off!) so getting vitamin D3 and calcium-to-phosphorus ratios right has been part of my feeding habits for about 25 years now. The issue mails next week and the online version goes up at the same time. The Bright Eyes department is one that will be available to the general public here on the site.

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