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In Your Flock Amazon parrots April 13, 2014
Blu Jewel Rio 2 In Your Flock April 11, 2014

Grey Parrot Anatomy Project

April 10, 2014


IYF Dr. Scott Echols Utah Micro-CT Parrot Skull

Bright Eyes Health Department from In Your Flock Magazine  When a surgeon wishes to instruct another on how to perform a new procedure, she uses known labels to describe what muscles or tendons to move aside and uses known names to identify organs or bones. The known anatomy provides a means of communication, if you […]

United We Fly

April 9, 2014


Phoenix Landing In Your Flock Greenwing Macaw

The state of the avian community is divided. To keep our rights to own exotic pets and to share best practices and information for companion parrot care and wild parrot conservation, we must bridge the divide between our members, and recruit and inspire new members. By Sandy Lender Even before the introduction of H.R.669 Jan. […]

Read January 2014 Issue Here

April 5, 2014


In Your Flock Companion Parrot Magazine January 2014

January 2014 In Your Flock Companion Parrot Magazine Readers who have digital-only subscription packages or print+digital packages with Flock Member access, can now access the January 2014 issue of In Your Flock magazine at this link: January 2014 IYF Readers who have print-only subscription packages should be receiving the print edition any day now! It’s […]

Stargate Exposes Ego Against Parrot

April 5, 2014


IYF simple logo

Editor’s Note: January 2014 Issue of In Your Flock Companion Parrot Magazine Episode two of Stargate SG-1’s fourth season told the story of the intergalactic exploration team SG-1 traveling to a world at war to assist one doomed civilization against an attacking enemy. While determining what they could do to help out, Colonel O’Neill and […]

Weighty Matters

February 20, 2014


Weigh Your Companion Parrot Track the data at Weigh-In Wednesday here at In Your Flock. We’ll make a spreadsheet of the information so it’s a resource when you need it. Why? Because our companion parrots hide their symptoms of illness from us. One of the first things we CAN notice is a weight fluctuation. Go […]

Read December Anniversary Issue Here

February 11, 2014


The December 2013 First Anniversary issue of In Your Flock companion parrot magazine mailed some time ago and we need to put the digital edition here for our wonderful digital + print and digital-only subscribers! Please enjoy the safety-related information in this issue and be sure to let the advertisers in these pages know that […]

Provide A Safe Home

January 16, 2014


Molly the Cockatoo Sandy Lender IYF BLC Candy Cane Parade

(This Editor’s Note from the Anniversary Issue of In Your Flock companion parrot magazine is posted here to accommodate commentary and conversation.) Welcome to the one-year anniversary issue of In Your Flock magazine. It’s truly an honor to sit down at the keyboard and work on this publication for folks who care about their companion […]

Protect the Flock

January 16, 2014


Blue throated macaw ESA Endangered Species List

What Local, State and Federal Legislation Means For Companion Parrot Owners by Adrianne Mock During the past decade, there has been an upsurge in anti-breeding, anti-exotic animal ownership rhetoric and retail sales legislation at city, county, state and federal levels in the United States. Most of this has been proposed, written and lobbied by animal […]

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